reclass by ASCII file gives uninformative error messages

Idea created by unsw_arc on Sep 5, 2012
    The Reclass by ASCII File tool returns an error when the remap table has rows where the input minimum equals the input maximum.  This is sensible, but the error messages it gives are not helpful for diagnosing the error.  Running the same remap table through Grid returns a much more helpful error message, specifying which record is incorrect.

    The errors I get under ArcMap are generic:

    010429 : Error in Grid IO: <value>.
    010067 : Error in executing grid expression

    The error under Grid is:

    Invalid Remap data are entered near record 1 and 2.
    Unable to initialize reclass table

    An example remap table to reproduce the problem looks like:
    0 5 : 5
    5 5 : 15
    5 10 : 10

    It would be helpful if this error resulted in better diagnostics.  The relevant parts of the help system could do with updating as well.