ArcGIS Mobile preserves the geodatabase order of coded-value domain sorting

Idea created by mgwkraus on Sep 2, 2012
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    ArcGIS Mobile 3.x overrides the order of coded-value domains defined in the Geodatabase and displayed in ArcGIS Desktop.  So domains defined as "Yes, No, Maybe" in the geodatabase, are displayed in ArcGIS Mobile 3.x as "Maybe, No, Yes".  "Low, Medium, High" becomes "High, Low, Medium".  This is not beneficial.

    We have many domains and these have been ordered logically, often with the most popular choices at the top of the list to avoid the mobile workers having to scroll down.

    With the out of the box behaviour of ArcGIS Mobile 3.x, the geodatabase administrator loses this control.  We are now faced with the choice of putting up with sub-optimal behavour of sorted domain lists, or the effort of chaning all of our domains and sacrificing valuable screen width (we only have 25 characters of screen width in ArcGIS Mobile forms on our rugged Windows Mobile device) by prefixing domain values with a number to set the sort order.

    This has not been the case with ArcGIS Mobile 2.x

    Please have ArcGIS Mobile 3.x honour the coded-value domain order set in the geodatabase.