Zoom in with Silverlight a little closer

Idea created by DonScott9 on Aug 30, 2012
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    We use GIS for our utilities operations in southern Colorado, including water, waste water, and natural gas.  We’ve built a web app using ArcGIS and Silverlight using the Bing aerial map service in conjunction with our pipeline maps.  Bing Maps allows us to zoom in to 1:850 scale.  We’d like to go in closer.  We’d like to see an individual house.  Where is the water tap?  Where does the sewer line run?   With ArcMap, once you’re viewing the most detailed map tile, as you continue to zoom closer and closer you can watch the map image stretch.  We judge that stretching to be satisfactory to about 1:400 scale.  I don’t believe Silverlight provides this “stretching” feature but we would find it useful.