ArcGIS License Manager: Optionfile Keyword "EXCLUDE PRODUCT"

Idea created by Primus2009 on Aug 8, 2012
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    We are a organization with round about 600 ArcGIS users. When the borrowing function was announced for license manager 10, we looked forward to replace our single use licenses by checking out concurrent use licenses. Unfortunately we could not use the borrowing function out of the box, because as fast as you can see our 30 Spatial and 3D Analyst licenses would have been borrowed and gone for weeks. We tried to limit this function for our users and only allow borrowing for Viewer licenses. The optionfile can not solve this problem at the moment. The ESRI support hotline gave us some hints for workaround with the "EXCLUDE" keyword, but to exclude hundreds of users for a certain product is impractical. Maintanance would be very time-consuming. Integrating  AD-groups is not possible and using IP-addresses with wildcards is impractical too, because our authority has got more than 20 locations with different IP-address areas.
    So we suggest a new keyword "EXCLUDE PRODUCT" to deny the borrowing of certain products (e.g. expensive extensions) for all users.