Bring back Import Coordinate System - gone in 10.1

Idea created by alnesbit on Aug 3, 2012
    Hello all,

    I am using 10.1 and I really miss being able to Import my coordinate system from an existing layer. For example, I just made a new shapefile and when I go to set the coordinate system I get the new "Spatial Reference Properties" window. I HAVE to search for a coordinate system. I can't simply pick it from an existing layer like I've been able to for years.

    I thought I would really like the new way in 10.1 of picking my coordinate system because ESRI was promoting how I could search instead of having to find it in all of those folders. First, I didn't know the search was going to be so horrible - if you type in "state plane missouri" you get no results. By trial and error I figured out I had to type in "stateplane missouri" because that's how it's listed. But if you just type "state plane" you get all of them. This is not an improvement. Second, I didn't know ESRI was going to take away Import Coordinate System. Why take something away when you add something new?

    What do you think?