Records with null geometry in the Geometric Network

Idea created by jennifergardner on Jul 31, 2012
    • jennifergardner
    • jrdunseth
      Allow Records with a null geometry to exist in a feature class that participates in the Geometric Network.
    While records can exist in the feature classes with no associated geometry at ArcGIS 9.3 we are no longer able to assign geometry to those records with in the geometric network. We currently have to create a new record with geometry, copy over the attribution, then track which records with out geometry need to be deleted server side, as we cannot delete them through ArcMap. The ability to assign geometry to these existing records would save time and effort.

      Why do we have records with null geometry? These exist so our users have one table to look in when searching for records. We can also leverage our data entry staff who can enter the attribution before we the GIS staff processes the mapping portion, making the record available sooner.