ArcGIS online veiwer display different content when popup window is maximized

Idea created by nliu on Jul 19, 2012
    • markking777tn1
    • kmsagis
    • rsadiq
    • nliu
    • jstreeb
    This enhancement request is for a different configuration setting for popup when it is maximized.
    Currently, when the popup window is maxed, it simply change size but showing the same content. This is not very useful because in order to allow mess up the smaller popup window, we typically only show minimal attributes. However, when the screen real estimate is larger, we certainly want show more, even go to server grab additional information beyond the attributes tied to the feature, for example, one-to-many, master/child relationship type of content.

    It would be even better if custom code can be executed inside popup (think, but that may be a stretch.