Set time to run processes

Idea created by acrawford-esristaff Employee on Jul 17, 2012

    This idea has been merged with Model Builder/ Tool Scheduler and Notification..

    Allow the time to be set for a process to be run in the tool or model.   Basically, have a Run Later and set a time for when to start the process. 

    Example:   I'm downloading a lot of data (images) to be processed and have the model built to run those processes.   It will finish downloading in 3 hours, but I'm going home.   I would like to build a mosaic dataset of the data, then run a model to do analysis against some vector data I have later that night instead of waiting till the morning.  I know I can set this up, but it would be easier as a button to click in the model and then have it run later that night.

    Anther option would be to have a tool that does this to an existing tool or model.