Automatically Change Concurrent Use Licenses

Idea created by blanem on Jul 17, 2012
    So there you are enjoying your day when someone comes to you with a dreaded map change.  Fine you say.  I'll just hop into GIS real quick an make the change and be done in a lickity split.  Let's just open the map here and....DRAT!  One of my coworkers has stolen my only ArcInfo license.  I can't open ArcMap.  Now I have to go into Administrator and change the license to ArcEditor, and if that isn't available, ArcView.

    Wouldn't it be nice upon detecting that the license you last selected is no longer available, you were greeted with friendly little prompt asking you which license you would like to have the software automatically restart and attempt to connect to?  Or even the had to option to have it automatically select the highest available license?  If ArcInfo is not available, try ArcEditor, if ArcEditor is not available, try ArcView, if ArcView is not available, send you to an ESRI webpage allowing you to buy more licenses!  Wouldn't that be nice!