Add Unattended Silent Switches for the 10UninstallUtility.exe

Idea created by zepharim on Jul 13, 2012

         The 10UninstallUtility.exe tool works magically. BUT, almost responds to the huge negative side and cost for corporations to use it which would restore faith in the installations ability to cleanly remove themselves going forward.
         The legacy installations do not cleanly remove themselves correctly, thus 10 fails to install ... this tool was the only thing that cleanly removed the previous 9.x desktop product - very awesome!!!
         BUT, there is no unattended or silent switches mentioned or found with this tool - could you please add them going forward!?
         Also, can you make this utility to remove the current version as well - perhaps use a response file that administrator can enable the versions the uninstaller will remove at run time?
         I hope you can do something with this as it is very much needed.
         I would also like to add that this utility and installation impresses me thus far ( the removal needs some additions as  suggested) but i have had over 10 years experience installing and uninstalling our products - ive even passed along some bugs with solutions to your development team back in my day, and this version is a delight; although they look and seem to install the same it seems much smoother and elegant.  Keep up the great work!!
         If these switches and self-detection removals are added to the uninstall \ install utility, this product installation and removal would be second to none - great improvements everyone, the logic, the cleanliness, etc - well done!
         Thanks again,