Reveal line direction with keyboard shortcut

Idea created by dknudsen on Jul 13, 2012
    Currently if I want to show the direction of a line feature I have two choices:
    •           Set up symbology for the layer with an arrow decoration on a cartographic symbol
    •           Start editing the feature class and then the particular feature to show the edit sketch
    Both options are a lot of work if I just quickly want to check one feature, and I'm not going to be reviewing a lot of features. The second option isn't even available to me if I want to see the line direction of a featuer in a feature class that I don't have privileges to edit.

    I would like to be able to hove over a feature and hit a keyboard shortcut (like "L" or ">") to have an arrowhead temporarily show the feature direction, kind of like using "V" to show feature vertices (except that option is only available during editing). Or if a keyboard shortcut has implementation problems, how about adding a tool like the Identify tool?