In help, provide examples of using SQL to query the XML Geodatabase System Tables in an RDBMS.

Idea created by RudinA on Jul 11, 2012
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    The article  discusses how the new ArcGIS 10 geodatabase system table structure will make geodatabases more accessable and easier to query with other applications.  However, I am not an XML expert by any means, and I know enough about SDE to manage my Oracle SDE Geodatabase, but nothing too fancy.

    Providing some samples of how to query a geodatabase with SQL to get information out of the XML for feature classes and datasets and topologies, etc. would really help the established SDE community on how to better utilize this new functionality.

    Many SDE administrators have tools that read the 9.x tabular system tables to provide information about the system, and now those tools are broken, with no instructions from ESRI on how to query the 'new' way.  For example, I am trying to find which of the 500 layers in our SDE is using a particular domain I want to delete.  I used to just query one of the SDE tables that stored a list of fields and if they had a domain assigned.  I'd like to continue to do something like that but don't know how to now.   I'd have to do a python loop through EVERY feature class in my SDE and EVERY field on those.  And even then, there is no python mechanism to check subtypes to see if they have my domain assigned.