Bring back ability to restart a service to show changes

Idea created by ksjosh82 on Jul 9, 2012
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              Why is this legacy?  I had to find out the hard way that my services didn't automatically update when restarted.  Why do I have to go through the hassle of overwriting the service to get the changes?  I restart the services every Friday to do backups and this was convenient.  I like that I can overwrite the service but I want this restart ability to come back too.  I don't always edit the layers in the same document as the webmap document so I may forget to do this every time.  See below the note from ArcGIS Help online.

                   In previous versions of ArcGIS Server, any changes made to the GIS resource referenced by a service were visible to clients after a service restart. In 10.1, you'll need to overwrite the service for clients to see changes to your GIS resource.

                   Changes made to the source data (such as feature classes displayed in a map) at 10.1 should be immediately visible in the service as long as a copy of the data was not placed on the server when publishing. If a copy of the data was placed on the server when publishing, you must perform a full service overwrite to see changes to the source data.