Tool to add Editor Tracking Fields

Idea created by wlynch-esristaff Employee on Jul 2, 2012
    I really like Editor Tracking in ArcGIS10.1 and there are two new GP tools to help implement-- Enable and Disable Editor Tracking in Data Management Tools > Fields Toolset.  The enable tool will create fields for Editor Tracking if the feature class does not contain them.  The user must specify the field names if they do not exist or the tool will not run.  Like with COGO editing, it would be nice to have a standard tool like the ArcCatalog > Geodatabase Tools > Add Cogo fields tool to simply prepare data for Editor Tracking. Once created, the Enable and Disable Editor Tracking tools can be used with the existing fields.  Yes, this could easily be done with a model but an off-the-shelf tool available to all users with perhaps default field names and data types would be nice to have.  Many mining industry users look forward to using editor tracking and a tool to prepare data would be helpful.