Geocoding: City Alias Table

Idea created by 1_jbaum on Jun 28, 2012

    ESRI locators can have an alternate names table attached for street names.  This recognizes that a single street may be known by several names, and this must be accommodated to achieve an acceptable match rate when geocoding.  Cities may also be known by several names, but ESRI does not currently accommodate an alias table for city names when creating an address locator.  The USPS recognizes that a single ZIP code has several acceptable alternate city names.  For example, an address in the Schenectady, NY zip code of 12302 can be found using Schenectady, Glenville, East Glenville, Schdy, Scotia and Stoodley Corners.  To achieve an acceptable match rate for addresses in the 12302 zip code area, all these aliases should be accommodated by referring to a city name alias table which acts like a street name alias table.