Geocoding should handle mixed parity via a reference data field

Idea created by 1_harrybowman on Jun 26, 2012
    • pcfbobbymale77
    • 1_harrybowman
    • chuckharris
    Street data vendors have fields to identify if the address ranges on a segment are Odd, Even, or Mixed parity. As far as I can tell, ArcGIS geocoding cannot handle this address range correctly:
    Left From: 1
    Left To: 199
    Left Parity: Mixed

    It appears to assume that the left side of street is just odd. It's not, and many times in NavTeq data we are not getting the matches we need.

    I don't want to give up side of street information and drop back to a single address range. I should be able to use the vendor supplied field. The workaround that occurs to me is to split up the data and have a separate locator just for the mixed streets, tossing side of street information in those cases. That's more processing.

    Address locators should allow for the parity field values to be used when creating the locator.