Drag/drop layers to folders, tools and geodatabases

Idea created by jakek on Jun 21, 2012
    Need some new drag and drop capabilities.  I would like to be able grab a layer(s) in the TOC and drag it to a folder in Catalog or Win Xplorer, where a dialog would appear asking to Save Layer(s) Table to Excel/TXT/CSV/DBF (or whatever), Save Layer(s) to Shapefile(s) or Save Layer(s) to CAD.  At this posting, I can't drag anything back to Catalog and have it saved or copied, just get the black "no can do" circle.  The right-click layer>Data>Export Data…>navigate to location to save it, is way old and needs revamping.
    Secondly, similar as above, I want to be able to drag a layer(s) to a location in Catalog and have it saved/copied to that location, be it a folder or geodatabase.  If dropped on a folder, do as mentioned above, if dropped on an enterprise, file or personal geodatabse, it is saved as a new feature class or optionally, a table.
    If features are selected then only those features get saved/copied.  If fields are hidden, only visible fields are included.