Allow feature selection anchors to be permanently moved

Idea created by srooney on Jun 20, 2012
    • srooney
    This issue has come up multiple times for me and is really a pain in the neck.  I have a pipeline route and I need to snap a piece of equipment to the endpoint of the route.  However, the point on the piece of the equipment that I need to snap is offcenter and is not where the selection anchor is located.  Thus, I must move the selection anchor manually to the location I need to snap to and then rotate and orient the equipment in the desired direction.  Then we reroute and the endpoint of the route is now in another location.  Since the feature does not store the location where I previously moved the selction anchor to, I need to first move that selection anchor again and then rotate to the desired angle.  This is quite annoying and would be a lot less tedious if I didn't have to spend the time moving the selection anchor to the desired location every time I start editing again.  If the selection anchor was able to be stored as part of the feature, then each time you started an editing session, the anchor would still be in the proper location to quickly move and rotate the feature based on the same point (in this case, the center of a hub on the equipment).