Add ability to create multi feature class queries in Explorer

Idea created by gman on Jun 19, 2012
    • gman
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    • colindsay
    In ArcGIS Explorer online, we have the ability to create queries for a feature class. This can include several fields within a feature class. However, as a utility, we have about 30 various layers that hold our assets. All layers share a field name in which the common Id is stored. I would like the ability to create a multi feature class query in which I can search a field in all 30 layers for this common id in one action. Ex. find asset number PI-12345. User does not need to know to look in the potable or recycled pipes layers, but just needs to know how to find an asset in general.

    We are just starting to roll this out to iPads for field crews by creating a map in ArcGIS Explorer Online and pushing the JSON to our AGS. Crews are used to having the query described above as that is what we do in our internal Web ADF browser solution.
    Thanks, Gavin