Easier Make this Layer Unselectable - toggle selectable

Idea created by alnesbit on Jun 18, 2012
    Scenario: I'm editing, I window an area to select everything but I select a layer that I don't want to be selectable. I have my attributes window open and my Table of Contents hiding on the side.

    My only option is to hover over my Table of Contents, click on my List by Selection, find the layer in the list, figure out which little button it is(!), and click on "Click to Toggle Selectable". Huge waste of time.

    How about 1 of 2 options, or both.

    1) In the table of contents, right clicking on the layer, give us the opposite of "Make this the only selectable layer" by putting "make this layer unselectable"

    2) Better option: give us the ability to right click on the layer in the attribute table and have "make this layer unselectable". This would also clear the selection set of that layer.