Customer Care Portal - Available Licenses

Idea created by gismapping on Jun 13, 2012
    The Customer Care Portal needs to accurately display the total number of licenses that one has available.
    If your server or PC crashes or you do not deauthorize a license before a PC is wiped clean, ESRI still sees that license as “in use” even when there’s no way to deauthrize and place that license back into the pool. 
    So the Customer Care Portal will reflect that you still have that license in use.  ESRI Customer Service can unlock an authorization and get the license back but it will not show in the Customer Care Portal but will be available for use. So we are back to managing our licenses again and the Customer Care Portal will incorrectly display the correct number of licenses available.
    Bottom line :  The Customer Care Portal needs reflect all licenses even those provided by Customer Service as a replacement when one  unable to deauthorize a license from a PC or Server.