Complete re-design of the entire ESRI website

Idea created by rblash on Jun 13, 2012
    The entire website needs to be re-designed to streamline the user experience. ESRI has segmented everything into discipline based sites (,,, the list goes on) and each one has a different look, feel, and navigation "strategy". Maybe each page needs an overall ESRI nav bar and within that nest another nav bar for the discipline you're browsing through. Users should have a similar experience across all ESRI websites, and it shouldn’t take forever to figure out how to use the site.

    Searching is TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE and needs to be fixed. How many years have passed since the latest site revamp and searching is still terrible? You cannot drill down to the exact area of the website you need to search (Try searching for code in the ArcObjects .NET API Code Gallery. You can't drill down past "Gallery" to narrow down your search to this specific area). Or submit a search, drill down to galleries, and then change your search string. You come back to the base search result (ALL of ArcGIS Resource Center, then you have to drill down into Galleries again).
    Also when browsing a gallery why are entries displayed as huge thumbnails, 9 per page? This gives the user NO USEFUL INFORMATION so you must mouse over or click through each thumbnail to get a description. And 9 per page is a bit slim, it would be nice to choose how many to display and give a detail list view.
    Now ArcGIS online is home for all user shared content. Hopefully the searching and navigating is easier. However the look and feel on this site won’t be the same at any other ESRI website, so you must spend a lot of time to develop your navigation strategy for a new website which may or may not get you the information you’re looking for.