ArcGIS plugin for desktop publishing software.

Idea created by nasamam on Jun 12, 2012
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    Back in the year 2000, with the birth of ArcGIS 8.0, I was very surprised to see that ESRI ported out the back-end to Microsoft (i.e. MS Access). To me, that was definitely a mistake, and more recently they have taken back control of the back-end with the new file geodatabase. What I always thought was that they should have ported out the front end to Adobe or Corel so that people could take advantage of all the functionality of desktop publishing software without losing the connectivity to the underlying data.

    Today, I would suggest building a toolbar each for CorelDRAW and Illustrator that allows this connectivity to an underlying map. Where I work, most people have to export their map at a certain point into PDF and then import that into Illustrator or CorelDRAW in order to get the cartographic functionality they require to make a high-quality product. The problem is that when there is any kind of a change required to the underlying data, they often have to repeat all of the non-ESRI steps all over again.