Allow Custom Web Apps (Javascript, Flex, Silverlight) to be hosted by ArcGIS Online for Organizations

Idea created by simpsonr on Jun 1, 2012
    It would be great if, whenever we create a custom web map app, either through the javascript templates or Flex or Silverlight, there was an option to upload the site files to some folder within our ArcGIS Online for Organizations domain space and actually host the custom app from ArcGIS Online rather than our local web servers.

    This would allow for a single, seemless location for our ArcGIS Online maps and apps.  This also create a disaster proof location for our web apps such that subscribers and their customers can be guaranteed that our web apps will not go down if we have local data center issues or web server issues.

    Since we already have tons of diskspace availabe for tile caching, why not allow us to have a wee bit more for hosting the actual web map apps.