Model Builder data and toolbox references

Idea created by rgrichards on May 21, 2012
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    Please provide a better way to manage model builder data references and internal toolboxes references. When creating models that contain other models and these toolboxes are moved to another location they break. Sometimes it is easy to fix by clicking thru the broken overall model but sometimes models are quite large. Are the model references inside another model using absolute pathing to the toolbox? It would be great if they could be managed with a toolbox path tool or dialog. 

    Another scenario is when moving a geoprocessing process from a testing environment to production, it is also very painful to swap out all the data sources. It would be great if the data sources for models could be managed inside the toolbox. Sort of like the "Set Data Sources" option in ArcCatalog for a MXD.

    Another challenge is organization, sometimes model naming convention or a task is better refined at a later time so we want to change the name and organize into toolsets or subprocesses. Please vote for this users idea because you get the "copy behavior" when moving into toolsets as described by this user
    Improve Drag 'n' Drop ability in ArcToolbox