Summary Statistics Tool for Silverlight Viewer

Idea created by Riverside on May 14, 2012
    A Summary stats tool would be useful, beyond the sample, where currently, it seems to grab the total count on where the map opens.  It does not seem to use the selected features in the map.  If I could zoom to an area, use the Summary Stats tool after selecting features on a map, and have it show me what is part of the selected set, this would be useful.  Perhaps as part of the Config Controls, there could be an entry for Summary Stats to configure fields to summarize.  Currently as part of the sample tool, it takes what I have configured in the map, so if I have a layer in the map showing multiple fields, I need to have a copy of that layer added twice, because I don't want to summarize the whole layer, just a few fields.  If I had a control to configure, I could keep the single layer for Popups and Tables with the associated fields, then have the tool only grab select fields from the layer to summarize.