When creating shapefiles with overlapping polygons the order of the polygons should be based on size

Idea created by carolinelindhe on May 14, 2012
    • cjdusa
    • carolinelindhe
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    Were I work we create a lot of polygon shapefiles based on the coverage of the data we have in store (to be able to get a quick overview what part of the world different datasets cover). The datasets that are used can have overlapping and different sized data. When creating the "technical polygon" (as we call them) the order of the polygons in the output file is not based on size which means that smaller polygons can be hidden by larger polygons. Even though we can change the symbology to hollow we sometimes need the polygons to be filled and it is in these cases it would be appreciated if the FID in the polygon shapefile would be ordered by size when created. The toolbox tool Sort can be used but it is an extra step that we would like to avoid.