OD Cost Matrix Alternate ID Field

Idea created by arias0906 on May 11, 2012
    • arias0906
    • alisonrm
    When using Network Analyst and generating an OD Cost Matrix with large datasets it can be effective to split up one of the datasets into smaller workable parts so the resulting output is manageable.

    Currently, the OD Cost Matrix only contains the SourceID which is based on the feature ObjectID. If the dataset is split up the ObjectID gets reset (which results in a lengthy workaround process).

    In these cases, it would be helpful to have an (Origin or Destination)Alternate ID field be specified which would be retained to the resulting OD matrix along with the SourceID. Since this Alternate ID would be need to be unique for every input for which it is specified and would allow these smaller datasets to be joined cleanly back to the original data.