Return a warning for Average Nearest Neighbor if an invalid area parameter is input

Idea created by Jhorton-esristaff Employee on May 2, 2012
    • cjdusa
    The smallest valid Area value for Average Nearest Neighbor is the minimum area within which a hexagonal thessilation of the input points would fit, if spaced apart at the observed average nearest neighbor distance.  There is no possible way to disperse the points more evenly.  Therefore, this area value should be the minimum allowable value for this parameter.

    It is easy for a user to accidentally drop a zero, and specify an area value that is smaller than this theoretical minimum.  If this happens, Moran's I will report that the feratures are dispersed, regardless of the actual distribution, misleading the analyst.

    The statistic should return a warning, not an error, because a reseracher might want to examine this effect, or they may be working with data distributed along a line or some other unanticipated special case.