Silverlight API: Display pixelated image tiles, rather than displaying NO DATA tile

Idea created by bmcgilvery-esristaff Employee on May 1, 2012
    If an ArcGIS map service does not have data for a particular extent and scale, the NO DATA tile is returned by ArcGIS Server.  Other web mapping application (e.g. Google and Bing) catch this condition and simply display a pixelated rendering of the tile at a higher scale.

    Currently, if you are using the Esri Silverlight API in a web browser, there is no way to detect the NO DATA condition and force the available image at a higher scale to be displayed as a pixelated tile.  The TileLoaded Silverlight API event, which can detect a NO DATA condition, can only be used by marking the application "fully trusted" and a "fully trusted" application unfortunately cannot be run in a browser.

    Please consider providing an option in the Silverlight API for catching this NO DATA condition and allowing us to display a pixelated tile.