Remove the automatic append of domain descriptions in the FCtoFC_conversion tool

Idea created by jason53220 on Apr 27, 2012
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    While I commend ESRI for adding this functionality, I feel it was poorly written for individuals who process vast amouts of data.  The issue I have is executing the FeaturetoFeatureClass_conversion tool on a feature class with 500,000+ records, and numerous fields with domains.  The GeoProcessing tool works will, unless you modify the field mappings, then it grinds to a halt with large datasets. 


    I ran the FCtoFC_conversion tool on a feature class with 80 fields and 444,119 records and it took 3 minutes and 31 seconds.  I feel this is acceptable.  I did not muck with the field mappings.

    I ran this again, this time removing all but one field, and this field has a domain associated with it.  Looking at the "clock" in the GeoProcessing results tab in ArcCatalog, it appears the FCtoFC_conersion tool successfully converted the feature class, but then it looks as though it is performing a second pass, this time adding the _DESC field.  This conversion took 16 minutes 39 seconds! 

    This test was executed against a local file geodatabse.

    ESRI, I propose adding the option to append the domain descriptions and not assume the user wants them added.