Stop the deletion of sketches after getting a polygon cutting or reshaping error message

Idea created by infobleep on Apr 27, 2012
    • infobleep
    • jlhansen
    • cjdusa
    When reshaping or cutting polygons if you some how create two feature parts when reshaping or don't fully cross all the existing edges in either editing function, ArcMap 10.0.4 brings up an error message and then deletes the sketch. It would be really helpful if it didn't delete it but kept it so I can modify the part which is wrong.

    If I spend 4 to 10 minutes sketching I don't wish to find the feature is deleted at the end of it. A work around is to create a new feature and then clip to that feature but that defeats the point of having reshaping ot cutting tools.

    Of course moving points in live sketches is no longer allowed by ESRI so ESRI would have to modify ArcMap so this behaviour is once again available to users.