Usign field Alias in metadata

Idea created by Hornbydd on Apr 24, 2012

    As we all know a Shapefile can a have a field name no longer than 11 characters, a limitation of the dbf file format. So this leads to some pretty cryptic field names. But not to worry we are able to set an Alias! This is only kept in the MXD or layer file. Recently I was editing some shapefile metadata data and noticed in the metadata I could set the field alias. This is happily displayed when I go into the Item Description window but ArcMap seems completely unaware of it.

    It would be good if ArcMap was made smarter so that if a user had gone to the effort of completing the field alias in a shapefile metadata then it should show it as the field alias and even write it back to the metadata if the user changes it.

    Obviously this is less of an issue with geodatabase featureclasses which persist aliases at the source but as the rest of the world and many of your applications still use or work best with shapefiles then it would seem a good idea to tap into the metadata and update the field alias with it.