Network Analyst "Lite"

Idea created by RyanP on Apr 23, 2012
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    Extend the basic routing functionality that "everyone" uses on a regular basis through free services such as Google Maps/ BING, Mapquest etc to the Basic License Level (Arcview) as well as for behind the firewall routing on ArcGIS server (currently you can only geocode free of charge via BING, no routing).

    These services are already free of charge through the aforementioned websites. We pay "lots" of $ on our GIS software and have 100's of users with ArcGIS desktop yet all of them still go to Google Maps to run these common driving directions. 

    (As far as managers are concerned, why pay for Network Analyst when they can do it for free on Google Maps, doesnt look as nice but it works)

    We would much rather see these functions being undertaken within Arcview so the results can be properly mashed up in our ArcView sourced map products, rather than having Google Maps driving directions/screenshots being attached to documents in addition to the map products we are generating in ArcGIS. But, it is free if we do it outside of ArcGIS which makes it hard to justify the purchase of network analyst extension licenses. (especially when on a Single Use license model).