Help Files

Idea created by LOUIS1950 on Apr 19, 2012
    Here's a great idea - create a help file that actually has accurate information and could actually provide answers to real questions. I've used the help screens, but what's shown doesn't match my screen????? Or the options provided are not listed on my submenus. Just an idea. Here's how'd I'd do it. Hire someone that doesn't know anything about ArcGis - knows zero. Then have someone in your company , take notes as the person starts using the software. Note all the questions they have - write them down and include them in the help file. This way  when a user wants to say erase a line they've drawn and they enter the word "erase" in the help search box ,they don't get 100 PhD level answers as to how to erase data from a web server mobile device. It's not fun to spend 2 hours going through the help file as to how to erase a line,only to find out by accident you just need to hit the delete key. Try it out - go to the help file and enter the words "erase line" and see what you currently get - GOOD LUCK. I've not one time had the current help file answer a question correctly - not one time.