ArcGIS runtime deployment license for $1

Idea created by ESandinesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on Apr 5, 2012
    I encourage, not to say beg, ESRI to license the 10.1 ArcGIS Runtime in such a way that individual deployments can be priced at $1.  Not since I first learned about GIS have I been so impressed with the potential of the technology as I was at a recent Runtime demo.  This represents a tremendous opportunity to almost literally do "GIS everywhere".  However, if the deployment licenses are too expensive it will not reach it's full potential.  I firmly believe that ESRI (and we developers) can make much more money and do much better work making GIS for millions of customers at $1/deployment than for thousands of customers at $100/deployment.  ArcEngine had a lot of potential for its day, but I, at least, was never able to write an application with it that I could sell for enough to justify the expensive deployment license.  I think that "AppStore" pricing could really open the floodgates and make GIS a ubiquitous technology.  I probably am not phrasing this very well.  However, I really think that if ESRI, Inc. price Runtime deployments in such a way that they can be sold to end-users for $1, they (and we) can tap a tremendous market.   ESRI will make much more money than they would with higher deployment costs.   We may well see GIS reach the potential we all believe it has.