Clearly defined SRIDs without defining new ones for new features

Idea created by 1_aaron.lee on Mar 30, 2012
    • 1_aaron.lee
    • SarahSp
    • middleton
    When creating new data structures in Ent. SDE, SDE will create a new entry in the SPATIAL_REFERENCES table and assign that SRID to the feature class.  Later when for instance, creating a new feature dataset and moving your feature class into the feature dataset you receive "Spatial References Do Not Match" errors because even though they share the same spatial reference their SRID are a different number.

    Oracle Spatial, for instance, has a predefined set of SRIDs and new data added only adopts the existing SRID and does not create a new one from a sequence.  A similar achitecture would be very helpful for SDE. 

    Currently resourceful admins have to find and edit these in the database outside of ArcObjects and find themselves in unsupported situations.