Change "Add to Display" option in Modelbuilder to work from a tool for Feature classes and TABLES

Idea created by shurgin on Mar 23, 2012
    Already Offered

    I create models for inexperienced user to run as TOOLS.  In modelbuilder, if the ADD TO DISPLAY option is set, the output feature classes and tables are added to the  table of contents in an ArcMap project. However, when run as a TOOL, the ADD TO DISPLAY option is ignored. The ESRI  workaround  is  to set the outputs as Model  Parameters which exposes unwanted information to the user.  In addition, this works only for feature classes, not for tables.

    I’m working with charts pre-imbedded in the mxd. The tables for the charts are generated by the model.  The user will have to bring each table into the TOC then select each one for the table. That’s 6 tables and 6 charts. If it is run multiple times they must do this over and over. I can’t run from Modelbuilder because I’m using  a Feature Set variable which allows the user to draw a selection polygon. This does not work from modelbuilder. And of course I was not aware of this until the model was about done and being prepared to run as a tool.

    Adding feature classes and tables is so fundamental to ArcGis mapping, I can’t imagine why it has not been fully implemented in Modelbuilder (and apparently Arcpy.)
    Judging from the number of threads out there, I’m sure resolution of this would benefit many.