New type of simbology

Idea created by KrasniyArt80 on Mar 22, 2012
    • KrasniyArt80

         I want to know if you have developed a simbology in witch it has a defined scale in gradaded colors (for example: 0-100) and the value that I must put in a point would be represented in that scale and colored the gradaded scale

         In the image that I put in here I show in first place the scale (this is the maximum value of a field), in the value 1 is a small value, so only colour the part to that value in the gradaded scale, and the value 2 is another example
         It is possible that can be showed the minimum and maximum value of the scale and the value of the point in the other side?

         I hope that you can developed it fast to use in a next product that we are developed. I´m working in Mexico´s INEGI

         Thanks a lot for your attention