Switching features from one shapefile to another

Idea created by laurens24 on Mar 13, 2012
    I have encountered a process several times that is very frustrating. I may put a line feature on my map as one line type and put in all the attributes that go with it. Then I find out it needs to be a different kind of line. I would like to be able to select the line I had already put in and move it to another shapefile that is already created. 

    For example: I have sanitary and storm sewerlines on my map. Say I draw a sanitary sewer line in and then find out it needs to be storm. All the information is entered already and I would like to select it and move it over to the storm sewerline shapefile without losing all the data. I am aware of selecting the feature and exporting it but that only works if the shapefile has not been created yet. I may have multiple instances where this would happen and in the later cases I would not be able to simply select and export. The way the system is right now, I have to delete the feature and draw a whole new one in the other shapefile which then requires me to re-enter all the data. With several features needing moved over, deleting and re-entering would take a large amount of time of which I do not have.