Make the "pick field" dialog box bigger

Idea created by 1_mducharme on Mar 2, 2012
    When using the append tool with the Schema Type Option set to "no Test", it is possible to match fields from the Input Dataset to fields in the Target Dataset manually if the field names are different by using the "Add Input Field" (by right click on the field in the field map section) . 

    This is a fabulous options. Very functional when merging two datasets. 

    However, the dialog box that open when one chooses the "Add Input Field" option is very small, and requires the user to scroll around considerably to see the full path names, and the full list of available fields.


    The user must make the window bigger for every field that is matched, which becomes rather tiresome. It would be great if :

    1. the windows was bigger by default or
    2. the windows would stay open for multiple fields

    It is a small thing, but it would eliminate unnecessary moves that add up when using this tool a lot.