Snapping Presets

Idea created by dcakalic on Mar 2, 2012
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         We have many features to snap to in most of our maps, some needing vertex, others edge, others end.  So ArcMap 10's snapping will not work for us, which snaps to ALL layers.

         Classic snapping, however, is inefficient because when collecting road features we need on set of snaps. While collecting Hydro an entirely different set, when collect Veg yet another.  Toggling through all these snaps is very time consuming.

    (note: We try to use the same layer naming method across projects, so the only thing that changes is the *.DBO name.)

         I propose a method so that once I have my basic snaps for roads set, I can save those settings to a preset called "Roads", same with veg, hydro, etc.  If I later realize I forgot to add something to that preset, let me click a button to "update preset" which would let me update the current preset (confirmation please!)

         Presets would be selected from a drop-down dialog of currently installed presets.  I would like to be able to export/import presets with others in my organization.  I see this being a HUGE timesaver.  Even if a given preset doesn't get ALL my snaps right - it can get us to a good "known" starting point, and only need to adjust a few rather than an entire list.

    A few more additions I propose that would make Classic Snapping much more powerful & still user friendly:
    1.           Checkboxes at the top of each column to globally check/uncheck each snap type (vertex,end,edge) easily.
    2.           Ability to group snaps (similar to grouping of layers in TOC.)           
      •                     This way I can group all my transportation snaps together and toggle on/off as needed.
      •                     Also, allow snap settings for individual subtypes if present.
    3.           Optionally give each layer a weighted snap priority (scale 1-10?)           
      •                     It would read this priority first, and where two features have similar weight go by list order as it currently does.)
      •                     This would help if snapping priority gets broken by the grouping in my previous suggestion.
    4.           At top of snapping window, have entry field allowing change of snap radius.           
      •                     This would save us time from digging into the editor menu to do this.

         I think with these implementations, the Classic Snapping could become a powerful tool that could actually save much time; plus the hard work of setting up these complicated snaps could actually be time well spent, since they would easily be recalled and shared.