Fix the "Cancel" button for Geoprocessing, Export Map dialogs, pretty much everything

Idea created by msiadak on Feb 28, 2012
    Partially Implemented

    In ArcGIS Desktop, some program operations can take a very long time.  Oftentimes, I find that I've made a mistake in the interface and want to stop some long process that I've accidentally begun.  Unfortunately, it seems like the "cancel" button on -many- geoprocessing tools and in certain other dialogs (export map during data driven pages, etc.) is merely for show.  Cancelling either takes an exorbitant amount of time (5+ minutes) or doesn't work at all because the entire ArcGIS Desktop interface is lagging out.  This is a problem that wastes countless hours for ArcGIS users and is a black mark on the overall quality of the software.

    The cancel button should stop whatever process it's attached to immediately or in a reasonable amount of time (<1 minute).  There's no reason for the entire ArcGIS interface to lag to the point where you can't click the cancel button when doing a mildly complex operation in the software, and there's no reason for the cancel button to be there if it doesn't even work correctly.