'Ok/Apply to All" button

Idea created by dedge on Feb 20, 2012
    It's really frustrating when creating complex symbology to go through 5-6 "OK" button clicks to return to the top level. For instance adding an arrowhead onto a line using the Character Marker Symbol follow this process:
    Change line type to Cartographic Line
    Change Line Properties to include arrowhead
    Go into Properties
    Click on Symbol for Line Decoration
    Click on Edit Symbol
    Change Type to Character Marker Symbol
    Change Font to ESRI Arrowheads
    Pick suitable arrowhead.

    Now to return to the symbol selector page to apply the symbology I need to go through 5 OK clicks just to see the line. Complex Symbology is a common task and it woud be great to reduce the number of clicks required.

    It would really useful to have an "Apply to All" button that would return you to the top level