Automated Font Size change for Line or Polygon features

Idea created by caldwellcad on Feb 13, 2012
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    I am using ArcMap 10 desktop. When I print an 'E' sized county road map there are a variety of road line colors and patterns to identify the road type. The road name is one of the fields in the line. The map is printed at a scale of 1" = 5000' and the road name font is size 6 to allow most road names to be printed.

    If the road segment is too short for the road name, then the name will not print, unless I choose overlap. The overlap usually makes a confusing map and parts of the map are not legible. I have tried Maplex and it has the option to reduce the font automatically, but it does not work. There are strange things that Maplex changes to how the labels print.

    I would like to allow the labels to print at a smaller font size automatically, if they do not fit the line or polygon. The only option that was found in the forums would be to convert the fields to annotation. This would result in the annotation being independent dumb text on the layout. Then is the field in the feature set is changed the annotation will be static. Also the other disadvantage is that it would take hours to review each annotation to ensure if it was visible or correctly located.