Concurrent Authorization Code Permission

Idea created by 1_ryan.bilbo on Feb 3, 2012
    • 1_ryan.bilbo
    • ksnagesh77
    I understand that user groups can be created in ArcGIS License Manager (ALM). Also, that access to types of licenses (i.e. ArcView) can be assigned (or not) to a user group. However, I cannot find a way to limit access to a particular authorization code that resides on a server with ALM installed.

    Therefore, if one user group wants to keep their concurrent licenses (a.k.a. authorizatoin codes) seperate from another user group, they must install another instance of ALM which, further complicating matters, cannot be installed on a server that already has one instance of ALM installed.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Ryan Bilbo
    Baton Rouge, LA