Dynamic and Automatic chart for the classe (symbology tab)

Idea created by Jamal432@gmail.com on Feb 2, 2012
    • Jamal432@gmail.com

    Dynamic and Automatic chart for the classe (symbology tab)


    It is quite useful if the ArcMap gives by default a chart that shows classes in the x-axis and their values (count) in the y-axis. The “readers” want all the time to see the distribution of the classes (which is achieved by the map) along with their counts and percentages (which is represented by chart).


    The only option to plot this chart is to use the tool “summery statistics”. But in this case, if any change occurs to the data, this chart doesn’t respond! It is not linked to the original data!


    For example, assume that the local authorities are classified into 6 categories: Municipality A, Municipality B, Municipality C, Municipality D, Local council, Village council and project committee. All the time we need to see the distribution of these communities (in map) along with their count and percent (in a chart).


    This will save much of time in one of the very frequent tasks as well as keeping the chart connected to the data