Add Printble legend capabilties to ARCGIS for SharePoint

Idea created by gnatzd on Feb 1, 2012
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    ARC GIS for SharePoint is a great tool for display of geolocated SharePoint data and spatial analysis across an enterprise; however, it stops short of its potential because it does not allow designers or end users to create maps with always displayed and printable legends.  The capability to create a legend format in the map contents window is not adequate to give maximum impact to ARCGIS for SharePoint maps. 

    A legend which can be permanently displayed as part of a webmap would:


    • Make webmap data more comprehensible to laymen and casual users
    • Create impact in webmap documents because they tell a complete story without additional keystrokes
    • Create useful documents that could be included in presentations and white papers without the need for additional explanation
    • Make GIS more accessible to non-GIS professionals

    another idea which is related to this is to make the data in webmaps exportable to PDF or JPEG file formats.  I will discuss this idea further in another post.  It suffices to say here that with this additional tool and legends capability, managers and executives without GIS experience would be able to export maps with legends to use in their presentations for decision support.