flowing large blocks of text in a layout

Idea created by Tift_Tax on Jan 25, 2012
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    I just finished adding 1200 road names in 9 columns to a county map layout in ArcMap, not a fun experience.

    I wish ArcMap could adopt the method of "flowing" text into columns  that is used by Adobe Pagemaker (simplistic description follows) -
    you draw a text window, then "pour" your text from Word, Wordpad, etc, into the window;
    you then use the window's "windowshade" handle to adjust the column height, and the remaining text auto-flows into more columns.
    Like having several glasses next to eachother - when one fills up, the water flows into the next & so on.

    See "http://uis.georgetown.edu/software/documentation/pagemaker/resizing.text.blocks.html" for a better description.