Give arcpy an environment property that says don't create metadata\LogHistory

Idea created by Hornbydd on Jan 24, 2012
    • aewilson
    • Hornbydd
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    • curtvprice
    I would like to see an environmental property exposed in arcpy that stops metadata being produced when a tool is run.  I envisage something like:

    arcpy.env.CreateMetadata = False


    arcpy.env.LogHistory = False

    I have developed a script that loops through lots of data running the ZonalStatsAsTable tool, the output being a dbf file which I ultimately append to another table. I've noticed that the created dbf file is accompanied by the xml metadata file. I don't need this and it must be surely using up processing time generating and writing it to the hard disk, something that I will never use.

    There are many situations when one does not need the metadata repeatedly generated so some sort of environmental property to switch it off/on would be very useful for speeding mass processing of data.